Rules of conduct

Passengers Rules of Conduct

Company employees have developed and now apply the "Rules of Conduct" for ensuring flight safety, improvement of provided services quality and prevention of public order disturbance at the airport "Baikal".

Passengers are obliged:

in preparation for a flight

§  to pack hand-luggage and baggage personally or constantly be present when their baggage is packed by the others;

§  to refuse to take any things / packages from any persons for transportation and their delivery to other persons;

§  not to leave without personal attendance transported things and items before their checking in under the responsibility of the airline company;

in a flight check-in

§  to have ID documents in personal possession;

§  to inform airport employees about the availability of permitted for transportation personal weapons and the availability of electronic devices in the baggage; to be prepared for answering questions: who has packed baggage, whether it has been left unattended and to tell about the contents of luggage;

§  to present baggage for inspection;

during passing through inspection and holding for the boarding

§  to inform inspection employees about electronic devices and communications equipment;

§  to present for inspection hand-luggage, personal items and possessions;

§  to pass preflight inspection;

§  to follow established rules of aviation security, passengers rules of conduct on preflight services and on a board of airline company aircrafts “Flight” and to promote aircraft stuff and aircrewmmen.

Passengers are prohibited:

§  to create situations that threaten the safety of the flight or the life, health and personal dignity of other passengers and staff, to prevent any offence - verbal or physical;

§  to use electronic devices and communication equipment during taxiing, flying-off and touch-down;

§  to create conditions which can be uncomfortable for other passengers and can prevent the work of aircraft stuff;

§  to spoil airport property and carry out it of the airport complex.